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Deep Curly Bundles - Baby Doll Luxury Hair
Deep Curly Bundles - Baby Doll Luxury Hair
Deep Curly Bundles - Baby Doll Luxury Hair

Deep Curly Bundles

Baby Doll Luxury Hair

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Our Deep Curly bundles have a naturally tight curly texture.  The deep curly bundles have a deep curl pattern is in between our curly in kinky curly hair with regards to tightness of curl pattern.  Achieve perfect  natural looking styles with deep curly bundles, while adding length and volume to your hair.  Deep Curly Bundles are Virgin hair that can bye dyed, straightened, or curled with heat tools.  These deep curly bundles have luscious tight curls have a unique coiled pattern that allows you to create a gorgeous tightly curled hairstyle.  Have fun with deep curly bundles and shop Baby Doll Luxury Hair!

Brazilian hair is one of the most beautiful types of hair around. It is known for its full body, beautiful bounce, texture and versatility. Brazilian is perfect for the deep curly bundles.  This hair has a shiny appearance and feel. Baby Doll’s Brazilian deep curly is soft and smooth, and is versatile and works for all hairstyles. The hair is typically soft, relatively thick and very durable. Brazilian hair also handles coloring extremely well so if you buy Virgin Brazilian hair you can dye the hair to any color you like. Due to the natural density the hair has it is also less likely to frizz which is a big plus. Try our Baby Doll Brazilian deep curly bundles!

Malaysian hair extensions will help you enhance your natural hair, by adding volume and length resulting in hair that is thicker, longer, and healthy. Transform your look into a beautiful, glamorous baby doll with Malaysian hair in our deep curly bundles. It can be considered heavy or thick in comparison to Indian hair but soft and thin when compared with Chinese hair. It is extremely silky and has a beautiful natural shine. If you want volume and thickness, Our Malaysian deep curly bundles can be your best option. It gives great bounce and heavy body. For a thick, full, and healthy set of extensions, shop Baby Doll Malaysian hair!

Peruvian hair is soft in texture, light weight, and it blends well with normal African-American relaxed hair textures and medium Caucasian hair textures. Peruvian hair is multi purpose hair. It has the ability to look naturally voluminous despite the fact that it is lightweight. It is extremely manageable, durable and versatile and for this reason allows you to style and curl it repeatedly with great results. This makes Peruvian hair a great multi-purpose hair as you can constantly change your look and style without damaging the hair too much. The hair is extremely soft and light weight. Despite being lightweight, there is still a lot of volume to it. Peruvian Hair is the ultimate multi-purpose hair!

Indian hair is one of the most versatile and readily available on the market. The hair density is very fine. It's naturally airy, light and bouncy and can easily be curled and styled. Indian hair moves effortlessly with minimal products. It also blends well with most hair textures. This hair texture can range from silky to lightly coarse. Indian hair can become frizzy in humid weather and in foggy conditions. Anti-frizz products are highly suggested. Shop our Indian hair selection for your gorgeous hair!

Get your Luxurious Deep Curly Bundles from Baby Doll Luxury Hair today at an affordable and amazing price!

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Stephanie Ramirez

Deep Curly Bundles

Iris Lightfoot

I ordered curly hair, they sent me a deep wave. I am very disappointed , I used to shop at the store all the time. I can't get the hairstyle I wanted. This is my last time, I was a loyal client.

Cerita C.
Pretty timely helpful

Pretty timely helpful

Excellent quality. There was an

Excellent quality. There was an issue with me receiving the wrong color. However, a representative went above and beyond to rectify the error.

I am highly disappointed. I

I am highly disappointed. I was so excited to receive this hair. I paid $392 dollars for what I thought was “Luxury” hair. I got Brazilian tight curl(3) and a closure. The closure seems to be better quality than the bundles not to mention a completely different curl. The bundles themselves have a stinch, are very dry and coarse feeling, and they tangle very easy. I am actually really hurt by this experience because I waited 3 weeks to receive hair upon arrival packaging was nothing like expected. No pretty smell no bows around bundles no nice packaging at all. I’ve paid much less for “lower” quality hair that seemed better. If I could uninstall and send this hair back I would. The only thing nice about this entire experience was speaking with someone at one of the locations. I truly feel jipped, as the bundles were expensive. I would never in my life purchase from them again. I felt as if I was sent the diamond collection instead of the actual hair I ordered