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What is the best way to care for Indian hair?
To keep your hair looking its best, you should make sure to clean and moisturize it. You should wash the hair at least once weekly. While you are shampooing the hair, make sure not to tangle it. After you have conditioned the hair, towel dry it and comb through it. You should not sleep on hair that is still damp because this can cause matting. You can find more details about how to care for your hair with the instructions provided with the hair you purchase. Here are more tips:

You should always be gentle with your hair. You should comb your hair with a large toothed comb or pick. Don't force it through the hair, be gentle with it. You should begin combing the hair from the bottom and work your way up to your scalp. Keep your hair clean and moisturized to help protect it from the earth's elements. Use warm or cool water when washing hair; start at the top and gently squeeze your hair downward. You shouldn't wring out your hair or rub it in different directions, this can cause tangling just like your own natural hair.

If you decide to go swimming, you should wear a plastic cap or swimming cap to protect your hair from chlorine and other chemicals. In the case that chemicals do get in your hair, you should wash it out immediately.

Can I Perm or dye the hair?
Since the hair that Baby Doll Luxury Hair is virgin human hair, you can perm and dye it if you want. To get the best results, you should first consult with a licensed cosmetologist. You should have your hair dyed or permed by a professional only.

Will hair extensions damage my own hair?
Baby Doll Luxury Hair extensions do not damage your own hair if it is installed properly. You should have a professional hair stylist install the hair for you. You should have the hair extensions removed every three months or sooner, so that your own hair is properly maintained.

How long does Baby Doll Luxury Hair last?
Baby Doll Luxury hair is able to last for up to 3 uses. After three months and the hair is taken out, you can reuse it several times.  Hair can last 1-2 years with proper maintenance and care. Always use heat protective styling products when using heat styling tools.

How can I be sure which type of hair to purchase to achieve the style I want?
You should consult with your hair stylist before you buy hair. If you need to, you can contact us for more info about our products.  We can be reached by email at info@babydollluxuryhair.com.

How much hair do I need to purchase?
Depending on the hair length you desire and how much hair you're leaving out, you may need anywhere between 2 and 5 bundles.  You should talk with your hair stylist about how much hair you need for the style you desire.

What if I can't find the length or color I want?
You can buy hair in lengths between 12 and 30 inches. If you need longer hair, we will need a 10-day notice. Hair comes in natural shades of 1b and sometimes 2.  Get in touch with us to get more details.

Many beauty supply shops sell human hair, what makes Baby Doll Luxury Hair better?
Baby Doll Luxury Hair only provides natural REMY human hair. All of the cuticles are carefully aligned in the same direction to prevent the hair from matting and getting tangled. Since human hair is real, it gives clients a natural look and feel.

How can I identify a stylist?
Baby Doll Luxury Hair can provide you with a list of qualified stylists that can install and style their hair. You can also contact a salon near you to see if they offer weaving and extension services.

What is the difference between Remy hair and non-Remy hair?
With REMY hair, all of the hair cuticles run in the same direction, just as they are on a healthy person. Baby Doll Indian Hair is dedicated to creating high quality hair extensions. REMY offers a more natural look and feel and it's easier to maintain its luster and beauty. It is also tangle free and lasts much longer than non-REMY hair.

Non-REMY hair, also known as cuticle-free hair, has roots and ends that are mixed together. The cuticles don't all run in the same direction like with REMY hair. Also, non-REMY hair doesn't have the luster or silkiness that is found with REMY hair, making non-REMY hair more prone to becoming tangled and matted over time.